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Working With Insurance Companies

Most auto insurance companies tend to urge a claimant to get the repair done at the company's choice of body shop, a shop which the insurance company has partnered with or made a special deal with. The reason for this is the insurance company is able to control the costs of the repair through that body shop, often asking the repair shop to cut corners to keep the cost down.

Many people that got hit in a collision don't realize that they can bring their vehicle to their own choice of body shop for the repair, and they don't have to take it wherever the insurance company wants them to. The fact is, not all body shops are equal, and besides cutting corners to lower the costs for insurance companies, most auto body shops have a three to four week turnaround time for repairs, keeping you without your vehicle for too long. And even if the insurance company covers a rental car, many times the rental time they cover is less than the time the body shop takes to finish the repair, making you pay extra out of your own pocket just to keep the rental car!

ACA Enterprises in Creve Coeur is a better option when you're in an accident. We don't let the insurance companies force us to cut corners when repairing your vehicle - your automobile will come out of our shop as close as possible to the way it was before the accident, and your satisfaction is guaranteed - plus, we have one of the fastest average turnaround times in all of Illinois, so you won't have to go without your vehicle for as long as other shops.

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